Entrepreneurs who want to stay ahead of the game can benefit from the planning and branding services provided by SUPER SWITCH. Our team will guide you through the process of achieving your goals with a comprehensive strategy that is tailored to your specific needs. Before we begin project management, we offer a 3-hour consultation and assessment to analyze your current potential and determine the best direction for your next goals. In addition, we offer project management services as a separate package, which includes a 3-day workshop and a series of brief meetings with our representative at your location. At the end of the consultation, we will provide you with a bespoke strategy and a 10-month blueprint for your dream institution. We will identify the necessary actions and products to achieve your goals and provide on-site learning and customization as needed. Our team can also review and analyze any previous issues and suggest innovative methods to improve the look and quality of your products or services. We are committed to raising the standard and sustainability of your business. This service is currently only available in the UK. Clients outside of the UK can contact inquiry@7tnine.co.uk for a custom quote tailored to their needs.

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Post consultation, you can expect 

your blue ocean strategy is broken down into simple steps presented to the board at the end of day 3

Agenda for Harmony will include

1 . Meeting with Owner

2 . Meeting with GM

3 . Property survey

4 . Due diligence on site

5 . Meeting with HR

6 . Meeting with Housekeeping

7 . Meeting with sales 

8 . Meeting with marketing

9 . Meeting with procurement

10 . Final presentation to the board

( the strategy will be emailed to you post-consultation within the next seven days with board inputs)

This strategy can be activated on your other selection. 

We do not believe in volume and commercial business. We give detailed attention and care to each brand that we handle to illuminate.