Level Two on-site workshop was an eye-opening experience for our hotel management company. It allowed us to evaluate our properties holistically and identify areas where we could optimize operations and enhance guest satisfaction. Collaborating with the 7TNine Harmony team, we developed unique themes and tailored customer journeys for each property, breathing new life into our brands. The workshop empowered us to align our resources, enhance our brand personalities, and elevate the overall performance of our managed hotels. 

CEO - Hotel Management

 The Level One evaluation and revenue management audit were incredibly valuable for our revenue management efforts. It provided us with a detailed analysis of our revenue potential and highlighted areas where we could optimize our pricing and distribution strategies. The insights gained from the evaluation helped us fine-tune our revenue management practices, resulting in increased profitability and market competitiveness. 

Julia Western
Hotel Revenue Manager (Level One - Evaluate)

 Level Three execution phase was a game-changer for our hotel. With a dedicated project manager and strategist by our side, we seamlessly implemented the transformation plan and growth strategy developed in the earlier stages. The 7-day on-site workshop provided our team with the necessary guidance and support to execute the plan successfully. The execution phase resulted in a seamless transition, improved operational efficiency, and a renewed sense of purpose for our hotel. 

CEO - Hotel

 The Level Two on-site workshop brought a fresh perspective to our property portfolio. It helped us identify opportunities to differentiate each property and create unique customer journeys. By working closely with the 7TNine Harmony team, we were able to optimize various aspects of our properties, including aesthetics, guest services, and operational efficiency. The workshop resulted in elevated guest experiences and increased market appeal for our portfolio. 

Property Portfolio Owner

 "The Level Two on-site workshop was a transformative experience for our hotel's account management. It allowed us to evaluate and optimize every aspect of our financial processes. By collaborating with the 7TNine Harmony team, we were able to streamline our accounting practices, track expenses more efficiently, and improve financial reporting. The workshop empowered us with practical solutions that enhanced our financial management capabilities." 

Amy Warmouth
Hotel Account Manager

 Level Three execution phase, with a dedicated project manager, made a remarkable difference in our hotel's financial management. The 10-month program provided us with ongoing support and guidance as we implemented the transformation plan developed during the earlier stages. With the assistance of the project manager, we were able to streamline our accounting processes, improve financial reporting, and enhance overall financial performance. The execution phase resulted in increased efficiency and improved financial outcomes for our hotel. 

Account Manager

 I've worked with 7tnine Developments Ltd on multiple projects and they always deliver high-quality results within budget and on time. Professional team! 

Alex Smith
Property Investor

 The Level One evaluation gave us a comprehensive understanding of our hotel's revenue potential. It helped us identify untapped opportunities and areas for improvement. By analysing our current performance and market trends, we gained valuable insights that allowed us to make data-driven decisions. The evaluation process was enlightening and gave us a solid foundation to optimize our hotel's operations." 

Amy Warmouth
Revenue Director @ Group of Hotels

 Level Three execution phase, supported by a dedicated project manager, was instrumental in driving revenue growth for our hotel. The 10-month program allowed us to implement the revenue optimization strategies developed during the evaluation and optimization phases. With ongoing support and guidance, we were able to fine-tune our revenue management practices, adapt to market changes, and achieve significant revenue increases. The execution phase truly solidified our hotel's position as a market leader. 

Revenue Manager