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7tnine Developments has spent two decades serving the Hospitality industry. Our products, services, and experiences correspond to each and every step of the value journey. We do this so that your valued customers get luxury at an affordable price. Our team has successfully partnered up with Hotel, Resort, Motel, Spa, Restaurant, Cruise, Lodge, Health-club, Golf-Club, Pools, Guest-house, Salon, Age-home, Hospital, Hostel or other spaces where guests are extended hospitality one way or the other. We believe in kindness and building strong relationships with our partners, for the revolution in hospitality industry as a whole.

We take you on a step-by-step journey that can harvest you the loyalty of your existing customers and bring you a brand new footfall. Afterward, they won't be able to resist the spell of your hospitality.

Our Services mainly include;

-Identifying Your Institution Original Theme
-Developing Strategy for Your New Theme
-Training Departments on Theme For Synergy
-Delivering Products to Match Your Awesome Theme

We recommend starting off with our pre-designed, standard theme called, "Harmony". Apply it with preset modules of trainings and digital assets to your systems. It comes packed with products bundle called, "Harmony 30 room solutions"


You can discover your own unique theme and other tools through our system for a complete journey. Our practices have proven results for our global hospitality clients.

Some of the things you can expect right away by applying our products, services and systems
  • Retain 3x More Guests
  • Charge Premium Price
  • Explode Your Revenue
  • Beat your competition

*For Restaurant, Health Institution we have a Preset package called, "Paragon Dinette" in Store. You can visit our store and get product bundles at wholesale rates

We have our own manufacturing units and outsourcing capacities in more than 21 countries. This is why we have access to the best quality and sustainable products, with positivity indulged throughout the process.

Since we understand profit optimization for our clients, we have ensured that our products and services are in line with your profit margins and gives you great ROI. We co-create the hospitality with your management, marketing, housekeeping, customer service, finance, purchasing, HR and other departments through our trainings, designs and product solutions.

We are also distributors of high-quality affordable hospitality linens (bed/bath/ table) and amenities. We take pride in offering personalized branded linens carefully developed/designed and produced for the end user's comfort. Our teams have enormous experience in the field of fabrics and textile business for generations. We are committed to catering the finest quality that enhances the hand-feel and sustainability of products at the same time.

We offer the Provisions of logo printing/embroidery and embossed in a low Minimum Order quantity. Linens and Towels come with wash label/wash tags that contain your establishment’s logo when requested. Through our products, we ensure that your hospitality will be remembered by your guests.

For customized product solutions or to access your unique hospitality theme, email us on inquiry@7tnine.co.uk

or call +44 0203 602 8806.


Build Brand Loyalty

Through our Themes , Strategies and Products

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  • £100.00
  • 09/08/2020 09:00 AM - 09/09/2020 05:00 PM
  • Excel London, London, UK

Extending hospitality to connect with the emotions of your guests and steer with kindness. that what we believe. Lifestyle Positivity is the reflection of kindness in your own hospitality space with your own retrained managment , mindset and stake holders pouring passion and energy to the same cause. we cultivate the culture with whole Institute or merely 30 rooms or tables. Introducing at Hotel 360 Our new tools , strategies and insights to a compatible year of our partners towards progressive 2020 and generational transition with Millennial in screen age. We are introducing concept initiation with trainings and bundles for first 10 Institutions as our giveaway for 360 Hotel events. 30 rooms solutions and more products will be discussed and explored by our guests.

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  • £75
  • 07/24/2019 08:00 PM
  • 3557 Pretty View Lane, Alderpoint CA

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  • £85
  • 12/25/2018 09:00 PM
  • 1684 Wildrose Lane, Detroit, MI

This an event article, used for writing about and listing the events planned for the future on your website. You can edit all of this text from the Pages tab by clicking the edit button.

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7tnine is all about upgrading your hospitality from where you already are. our concepts , designs , trainings and other resources combine the answers from Industry experts and their practical implementation around the globe. We intend to make the growth easier and smooth for your business and easy on your self.
We design concepts to answer the brand building with extra budget and hence we have incorporated strategies where your msg is delivered to your guests without having to outsource it through third party. We weave it through the system , employee and products to make it time , cost and impact efficient that can actually calculate the long term branding results as repeat and loyal clients.
It is an interactive mind exercise that release the limitations from your energetic body and hence unleashes the already existing potential in your own DNA. This enables fast learning and also the implementations of your choice from the recent concepts. If used along the regular learning upgrade it can be helpful as a miracle. By product of time capsule is a better health which you need fr better performance. we recommend time capsule to every one and every stage of life and career. Our one on on Time capsule had been extremely popular with entrepreneurs , celebrities and positions.
Our experts take deeper interest in where you are and where you want to go in hospitality business. we craft concept , design and product as needed. Its broken down for departments , results and ambition levels. you can choose to try on your comfort level and grow from there.