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Visionaries have already planned and launched lifestyle brands to stay ahead of game. This is to get your brand started! Harmony is going to give you everything you need to navigate through the next decade! 3 days workshop and series of brief meeting setup with our representative at your establishment to analyze your current potential and best direction for 2021. At the end of three days workshop, you will receive a comprehensive and bespoke strategy, theme and design for your institution. We will define and recommend the required actions and products on-site while learning the customizations required. This meeting can also be used to have an on-site review and analysis of previous issues and to suggest innovative methods to match the look and quality while resolving the issues. An engineered insight into most hospitality products is covered in this meeting. Bringing standards and sustainability step higher than before. For more details write to for a customized quote.

  • Category: Lets Talk
  • Duration: 12:45 Hours
  • Address: europe (Map)


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Post consultation, you can expect 

your blue ocean strategy broken down in simple steps presented to the board at the end of day 3

Agenda for Harmony will include

1 . Meeting with Owner

2 . Meeting with GM

3 . Property survey

4 . Due diligence on site

5 . Meeting with HR

6 . Meeting with Housekeeping

7 . Meeting with sales 

8 . Meeting with marketing

9 . Meeting with procurement

10 . Final presentation to the board

( the strategy will be emailed to you post-consultation within the next 7 days with board inputs)

This strategy can be activated on your further selection. 

We do not believe in volume and commercial business. We give detailed attention and care to each brand that we handle to illuminate.