Frequently Asked Questions

Good Question. See, in all likelihood, you will already be purchasing your bedding, linen and merchandise from somewhere. But have you ever stopped to consider the impact that your products have on your brand’s identity and customer experience? Taking a moment to synchronise your products with your branding can make a huge difference in upgrading the quality and memorability of your service. Brands are obsolete if they do not make an impact on your customer.

Our concepts, designs, themes and trainings from our team of industry experts can make that difference for you. We intend to make the journey a smooth and enjoyable process for your business and its team. Best of all, you will hardly be paying an extra penny (in procurement or marketing ) than you already do. 
Let’s say that you wish to impart a hospitality experience splashed with a unique Moroccan flavour, or a Brazilian Carnival theme. If that’s what you wish to design your brand around, then our team will get to work in designing and sourcing products that will achieve exactly that.

Or you can choose to innovate your brand that is built on your existing setup that changes your hospitality game.

With decades of experience in same field we save you time and investment lost in trial and error. We have exceptional teams for design , production and quality control to ensure that we get it right all the way.

Our range manufacturers across the globe will help you source the ‘right products’ at the best prices. 
Time Capsule is an interactive mind exercise that aims to destroy the barriers in your psychology and unleashes the existing potential in your people. This enables quick-learning and embodiment of your theme choice from the recent concepts. The end-result is a staff that wears your theme, embodies your values, and imparts a service that touches a customer’s heart. If used alongside your new colours and themes, it can work wonders in building memorable customer experiences.

As mentioned previously, aesthetics cannot do the job alone. The spirit of the people and their attitude determines the lion’s share of the customer experience. 

If you wish to embark on a transformation journey with us, then we offer a combination of ;

  • Consulting
  • Conceptualization 
  •  Design
  •  Product development 
  • Production 
  •  Implementation
  • and team-building programs
This package is designed for an end to end delivery without accounting your time and efforts. Its all done for you by experts in each domain.

However, you are welcome to skip the Mapping and Concept stages and opt for an off-the-shelf theme which gives you a new set of products (linen, towels, merchandise) in a smaller timescale.